Wallpaper Peradeniya - Golfe du Bengale - Casamance

Wallpaper Peradeniya - Golfe du Bengale - Casamance

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CASAMANCE is a French editor of fabric and wallcoverings. The brand revitalises contemporary furnishings, inventing the classics of tomorrow and creating timeless designs to enhance interiors in style.


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Step into a garden… And not just any garden, the largest in Sri Lanka.

Filled with bamboos and Java fig-trees, bordered with plants and spices, PERADENIYA holds the secret of fascinating atmospheres.

The paper borrows from the natural texture of seagrass and recreates the wealth of natural shades with bewitching aromas.

Dimension: roll of 10.05mt x 70 cm; ratio 70 cm

Material: Vinyl on TNT

Norme COV: A+

ASTME84: Class A

European fire-rating: B s2 d0