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Bunk Beds

The bedroom is the place where children spend most of their free time and that is why we need to find a practical and functional space that allows the child to move and play freely, especially if the bedrooms are too small. The space-saving solution for you is a bunk bed! In this category you will find bunk beds of design and as comfortable as possible suitable for children of all ages. To meet any need, bunk beds for children are available in several colors and sizes, are double, compact and environmentally friendly.

A child-friendly bunk bed

By choosing one of our bunk beds available in the online store, your children will be able to have quiet dreams because, in addition to being comfortable, they are made in accordance with European standards. You should know that buying bunk beds that are too high could be counterproductive for the little ones who most of the time find it difficult to get on and sit down, which is why the bunk beds in our store are child-friendly. In addition, an accessory that should never be missing in a small child's bedroom is the safety sideboard that acts as a protection against night falls and can be purchased separately. If you feel the need to change the layout of the bedroom the beds for children are also decomposable into single beds.

What is the right bed for our children?

This is the question you ask yourself before an important purchase. When choosing the bed for our children the only two things we expect are the quality of the materials and the safety certificates. In addition, their structure must also adapt to the space available in the room. For smaller rooms it is advisable to opt for bunk beds because they are more compact and therefore less bulky as long as there is an adequate room height.

Furnishing children's bedrooms with bunk beds and not only...

On our online store you can buy a lot of items for children from their birth to adolescence. To furnish a modern style bedroom, after buying a bunk bed for children to create a delicate and relaxed environment, we recommend you to buy:

  • Chest of drawers for storing clothes in case you don't have a dresser bed;
  • Wall stickers to be placed at child's height;
  • Bookcase with shelves that allows children to store books. If your children love nature, why not choose a tree shaped bookcase inspired by nature;
  • Night lamps with a delicate soft light for children.

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