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Cradle and Cribs

One of the most important and difficult choices to make for your child is undoubtedly to buy the right model of cot available on the market. This is an extremely important element for children, around which, sometimes, the entire design of the child's room revolves. A key feature of cots intended for the child's sleep or rest is certainly the presence of safety edges or bars. There are, however, specific regulations in this regard. Therefore, to avoid buying products that do not comply with the law (and also of poor quality) it is advisable to ensure that the bed chosen complies with these laws. For example, for a cot with sides, the minimum height of the sides must be at least 60 cm. The space between the individual "battens", on the other hand, must be between six and seven and a half centimetres. This prevents the child's head from being inserted between the bars. In this category you will find baby beds designed to ensure maximum comfort for your child. Let yourself be inspired by the many models!

What are the best baby beds available?

Children's beds begin to be used from the age of six months and are used approximately until the age of three. A baby cot, therefore, since it will have to be used for a long time, must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also very functional and robust to withstand prolonged use by the child.

Convertible cot for children

The cot is the main element in the room and when a baby arrives is one of the first purchases that we put in the pipeline. Children's design brands have finally found the solution: evolutionary or transformable beds. A flexible solution that will make everyone agree and, in the long run, will also be economical. A bed that will accompany the child from birth until the age of 9.

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