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Making the right choice is never easy, this is even more true if we talk about choosing the right furniture, which is well suited not only to the style of our home (in particular, that of our children's room) but also to our personal tastes. The importance that today's furniture has inside a house is even more amplified than in the past. The house is, first of all, a place that we feel more our own than anything else and it is therefore essential to choose with care every detail that composes it. We have included in our online furniture catalog a wide range of products differentiating them by shape and style (Nordic, vintage, minimal ...) with the aim of being able to meet the needs of our customer. The love and passion that we "Owls" have for design commits us to personally select each proposal with care, to keep the catalog constantly updated with design furniture, ideas and new trends in design for the home furnishings with style.

Children's furniture

Decorate your room for children by carefully selecting the design items in our catalog. You can choose from a wide range of items produced by the best brands in the industry: Mathy by Bols, Lagrama, Oeuf, Vipack, Wood Luck (just to name a few). In addition, you can buy unique collections of the most famous designers; refined furniture, unique in their design, which will give that touch of class to your children's room. We also understand that it is not only the eye that wants its share, but that, inevitably, when it comes to children must offer our customers high quality furniture and functionality, 100% safe: for this reason on Le Civette sul Como you can be sure to find only products that do not endanger the health of your child, produced in accordance with the rules and have passed all the necessary tests. The products on our website have fully passed the mechanical and flammability tests, the electrical safety tests and the chemical tests.

Ecological furniture and sustainable design

Attention to children also obliges us to have an "indirect commitment" towards them: respect for the environment in which we grow them is something that the "Owls" are particularly fond of. For this reason, we have decided to offer furniture, beds and furnishing accessories made in full respect of nature; elements produced, for example, with non-toxic glues and paints and in no way harmful to health. For us, this means making a considerable effort to identify those producers who undertake to use non-polluting substances, wood from controlled forests (where redevelopment and reforestation is promoted), handmade articles and not in series, and so on. The products on the site have various certifications, such as CE, EPD, FSC, PEFC, Ecolabel, etc.. In the product sheet you will find all the necessary information. Choosing ecological home furnishings therefore makes us aware people who care about the health and future of their children.

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