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Single Beds

Do you need single beds for children and are you looking for a quality model at a fair price? In this category dedicated to single beds you will have the opportunity to choose, among many alternatives, the furniture you prefer! Our selection of single beds for children will leave you spoilt for choice. Our children's beds come in many different shapes:

  • bunk beds for children;
  • Loft beds for children;
  • Pull-out children's beds;
  • Children's beds with compartments.

We also have a variety of sizes: children's beds 90x190 cm, beds 90x200 cm and children's beds 140x190 cm. The children's beds on the Le Civette sul Comò website are suitable for all furnishing styles. With our beds, all children, from the youngest to the oldest, can relax and rest in a beautiful setting. The products we offer you are completely child-friendly and meet the highest standards of safety and quality, so you can sleep your children safely.

Single beds in different styles

Single beds are available in different styles, from traditional to modern. To make the most of the space you can opt for container beds or for types that provide for the insertion of a container or under-bed. Others have a comfortable extra bed for guests. You can also choose between different colours and materials, depending on the style of the children's room.

Which bed is right for our children?

That's the question you ask yourself before you make a major purchase. When choosing a bed for our children, the only two things we expect are the quality of the materials and the safety certificates. In addition, their structure must also adapt to the space available in the room. For smaller rooms it is advisable to opt for castle beds because they are more compact and therefore less bulky.

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