Bunk bed with step ladder - Lifetime Kidsrooms

Bunk bed with step ladder - Lifetime Kidsrooms

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LIFETIME has always had the objective of looking at everything through the eyes of children for more than 40 years. Much has changed over the years. Children now have their own room, rooms are bigger, and many trends have come and gone.

One thing, however, has remained unchanged, their philosophy: "Children need to play, explore and have fun". 

Following this motto, he created a distinct and imaginary world that allows children to travel with their mind and imagination. Proud of manufacturing that combines with Danish quality for child safety.


Reservation available - delivery in 4/5 weeks

This "family" bed is really a bunk bed saves space. The lower bed has a 120/140 cm mattress, the upper one is a standard bed. Perfect for the beach house, or for children who love slumber parties! Including a network to 28 staves and adjustable lumbar section (max. 150 kg). Available dresser or third pull-out bed with folding legs.

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