Water-based Chalky look - 130 ml- Fleur Paint

Water-based Chalky look - 130 ml- Fleur Paint

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A selection of traditional colors, very present in the history of decoration also because they are obtained from the mixing of natural pigments. The chromatic vibration of the Fleur colors is obtained by using high quantities of very fine quality pigments

The Fleur colors are born from the experience and tradition of those who have dedicated themselves to researching solutions for the restoration and decoration of historic buildings for 200 years. The chromatic depth together with the extraordinary coverage have given life to an opaque color of the highest quality unique in the world. Also available in the spray version

What is it?

A Designer's Paint. It is the extraordinarily matte finish and the liveliness of its colors that make Fleur unique. The difference between Fleur and other paints lies in the special selection of minerals contained in its recipe, capable of refracting and diffusing light on the painted surface, giving it a new dimension. Lights and shadows are enhanced, the colors are vibrant and acquire an exceptional chromatic depth. Its super opaque look and its ability to absorb light creating interesting plays of light and shadows.


MINERAL CONTENT - Matt finish and chalky appearance - HIGH CONTENT OF PIGMENTS - Vibrant colors - EXCELLENT ADHESION - Does not require primer - on most - most surfaces. - SELF-LEVELING - Quick application - RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Minimum level of VOC and recyclable packaging.


About 2 square meters. Yield per coat tested on non-absorbent or adequately prepared surfaces.

Sample of 130 ml. Available in other formats, ask for information at info@lecivettesulcomo.com

Drying : 4-6 hours.


On NON-absorbent surfaces such as metal, plastic or painted materials, apply a coat of Universal Primer (24h drying). On absorbent surfaces such as raw wood or paper, apply a coat of Wood Primer (4h drying). On rusty surfaces, remove any crumbling parts with an iron brush, clean well and apply a coat of Antiruggine Spray Primer.


On everyday objects such as chairs, tables, furniture apply a coat of transparent finishing varnish, available in the Glossy, Satin or Matt version (drying: 4-6 hours).

Suitable for

Painting furnishing accessories and small / medium surfaces.

What you will love

HAVE YOU NOTED THE BEAUTY THAT PURCHASES ANY OBJECT PAINTED WITH FLEUR? The versatility of use on any surface has made Fleur the preferred choice