Balance Beam - Duck Woodworks

Balance Beam - Duck Woodworks

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Duck Woodworks was born 7 years ago from the inventiveness of Duck and Miracle and from a small laboratory. In recent years they have grown to have a factory in Cesis, Latvia.

Assisted by a team of professionals who love wood and workmanship, they produce items inspired by the Montessori method: kitchen tower, triangle of climbing, balance board, Cube chair and many others.

The products are in birch painted with colors that meet the requirements of the European toy safety standard EN 71-3

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Who would have guessed that walking on bridges could be so enjoyable? This toy allows any child to walk the plank like a pirate while also improving their inner sense of balance and coordination!

Dimension: Beam lenght 60 cm; Beam width 8 cm; Beam thickness 1,2cm

Connector lenght 18,5 cm; Connector width 12 cm; Connector thickness 3,5 cm

They help toddlers in learning how to develop balance while having fun and discovering their body's abilities, both of which are important for future body evolution. Climbing triangles not only help children discover the limits of their physical abilities, but it also expands their creativity as they discover new ways to play with them.

Material: birch plywood. Child friendly finish. Lacquer fulfill the requirements of the European Toy safety standard EN 71-3

As with all children's products, adult supervision is required

The colors in the images may differ in real life.