Semi-high bed with walk-in closet and STEP - Lifetime Kidsrooms

Semi-high bed with walk-in closet and STEP - Lifetime Kidsrooms

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LIFETIME has always had the goal of looking at everything through the eyes of children for more than 40 years. A lot has changed over the years. The kids now have their own room, the rooms are bigger, and a lot of trends have come and gone.

But one thing has remained the same, their philosophy: "Children need to play, explore and have fun".

Following this motto, he has created a distinct and imaginary world that allows children to travel with their mind and imagination. Proud of manufacturing that combines with Danish quality for child safety.

Reservation available - delivery in 4/5 weeks

Let functionality, design and space walk hand in hand, or should we say step by step. This fun, practical and beautiful semi-high bed solution will save you a lot of space for even more fun. And it offers you a safe climb to the bed with its storage drawers.

The underlying part of the proposed model is provided with:

- wardrobe with double door, one shelf and hangers - h 88.9 x 80 x 53 cm

- a chest of drawers with 3 drawers - h 88.9 x 80 x 53 cm

- a wardrobe with one door with shelf and hangers - h 88.9 x 40 x 53 cm

It is possible to modify the inside of the wardrobes by adding shelves (request information). felt handles.

Pine material

Dimensions: h 128 cm x 257 cm x 102 cm

scale options positioned to the right or left.

Dimensions of the mattress 90x200 cm

Height from the ground 89 cm