Universal Safety Rail - Oeuf

Universal Safety Rail - Oeuf

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Oeuf is the lifestyle brand that is the forerunner of the new eco-design trends and that, through its products, responds with quality, functionality and style to the requests of a new generation of parents for the well-being of their children and the environment.

A winning team, with French mum and American dad, which takes its inspiration directly from children, dedicating safe, intelligent and elegant furnishings, accessories and clothing in terms of shape and style to them. The furniture is made entirely in Europe and made with ecological materials, natural pigments and a lot of respect for our planet. A simple, clean and intuitive design capable of giving the bedroom a unique and timeless elegance that makes children and adults fall in love. 

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The safety rail is a useful accessory for Oeuf beds (Perch, River, Sparrow). The side rail provides protection from falls at night and allows a small child to go directly to the bed "when they grow up" thus gaining independence. Sustainably produced in Europe, in Baltic birch plywood, the finishes are non-toxic and water-based. and VOC-free, made under European environmental standards, recycled cardboard packaging.

We like it because it fits well with all Oeuf bed lines and is easy to assemble and take off

Compatible with River Single Bed, Sparrow Junior Bed and Perch Single Bed

Material: Birch wood and ecological MDF (class E1)

Color: white Finishes based on water, non-toxic and free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) harmful to health

Dimensions: 76 x 38 cm

Recycled cardboard packaging In compliance with European Environmental Standards

Made in Europe (Latvia) according to strict safety standards