Wallpaper Zostera - Select 8 - Casamance

Wallpaper Zostera - Select 8 - Casamance

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CASAMANCE is a French editor of fabric and wallcoverings. The brand revitalises contemporary furnishings, inventing the classics of tomorrow and creating timeless designs to enhance interiors in style.



Zostera borrow from the appearance of hand-woven and glued seagrass fibres. This references bears the name of a sea fibre that represents the natural look of this texture.

A print, taken from actual seagrass, is applied to a pre-printed vinyl.

This gives a deep-grain and recreates the intensity of the colours.

Beautifully supple, it can be hung without a match to give an irregular and natural look and is available in a range of 8 natural shades.

Dimensions: roll of 10.05m x 70cm

VOC standards: A+

ASTME84: Class A

European fire classification: B s2 d0