Wallpaper Vassily - Mouvements - Casamance

Wallpaper Vassily - Mouvements - Casamance

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CASAMANCE is a French editor of fabric and wallcoverings. The brand revitalises contemporary furnishings, inventing the classics of tomorrow and creating timeless designs to enhance interiors in style.


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He called his works of art “improvisations”.

Constantly searching for the abstract, Kandinsky composed his canvases by arranging symbols and colours with no apparent order.

This artist’s vision paved the way for VASSILY, a composition in which colours and shapes come together in motion on a canvas grain.

Created using soft or strong colours depending on the version, the planes of colours are enriched by superb textures.

Dimension: roll of 10.05mt x 70 cm; match 76 cm

Material: Vinyl on TNT

Norme COV: A+

ASTME84: Class A

European fire-rating: B s2 d0

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