Poster in canvas French national Library - Trees

Poster in canvas French national Library - Trees

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One meeting was enough to convince Isabelle to reinterpret treasures from France’s National Library to give them a second lease of life. The result was a unique partnership perfectly combining heritage, tradition and modernity. Two eras, two areas of expertise and two styles go together perfectly to give the rare and the sublime a new lease of life and turn these canvas prints into veritable works of art.

The contours of leaves and their positioning on the branch are characteristics specific to each tree. This print presents nearly thirty common trees from France and Europe. Identifying them as you stroll through the forest will be child’s play now. Author of the main work from which the illustrations are taken: Mouillefert, Pierre (1846-1903)

  • Size :60x80 cm.
  • Material: Printed on polycoton canvas with eco-friendly inks