Wallpaper panel  Goodlands - Les Dominotiers

Wallpaper panel Goodlands - Les Dominotiers

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A staple in the world of French wallpapers, Les Dominotiers, founded by Frank Halard, has been editing wallpapers and custom-made wall murals collections since 2014.

Through its collections, Les Dominotiers brings modernity, refinement and fantasy to wall murals.

This new dynamic and up-to-date vision of the world of wallpaper has been embodied by interior designer Zoé Crait, a graduate of the Parisian Boulle and Camondo schools. Zoé Crait is head of the Les Dominotiers Design studio.

Les Dominotiers thus offers a catalog of nearly 200 bespoke panoramic wall murals and one collection of refined wallpapers designed by Shauna Dennison.

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The bespoke Goodlands mural celebrates the forests of Mauritius, which were predominant in this territory before the arrival of man. This poetic and mystical paradise lost thus leaves ample space for greenery and nature, including a splendid flamboyant tree adorned with red flowers which flanks a Banyan tree, a tree with hanging vines and heart-shaped leaves, sacred to Hindus . In the distance, a waterfall flows into a pretty winding river. This mural is therefore a real tribute to the extinct fauna of Mauritius: giant tortoises, many birds such as Le Petit-Duc-de-Commerson, the blue pigeon, herons or even a duck, butterflies and parrots. Not to mention the legendary dodo, an animal that has become one of the symbols of Mauritius. This lost Eden, in soft greens enhanced by small touches of bright red on a beige ground, is reminiscent of ancient Persian paintings. Goodlands will bring a certain prestige and charm to an interior. We recommend adding 5cm to your height and width, these are the safety margins. Custom panel. The price refers to the 350x300 composition