Wallpaper panel  L' arbre aux secrets - Les Dominotiers

Wallpaper panel L' arbre aux secrets - Les Dominotiers

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A staple in the world of French wallpapers, Les Dominotiers, founded by Frank Halard, has been editing wallpapers and custom-made wall murals collections since 2014.

Through its collections, Les Dominotiers brings modernity, refinement and fantasy to wall murals.

This new dynamic and up-to-date vision of the world of wallpaper has been embodied by interior designer Zoé Crait, a graduate of the Parisian Boulle and Camondo schools. Zoé Crait is head of the Les Dominotiers Design studio.

Les Dominotiers thus offers a catalog of nearly 200 bespoke panoramic wall murals and one collection of refined wallpapers designed by Shauna Dennison.

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The panoramic wallpaper L'arbre aux secrets transports us to the savannah with its warm, earthy colors dominated by ocher and soft yellows. In the midst of the splendid baobabs of the African plain dominated by mountains, the animals - giraffes, monkeys, elephants, cheetahs, antelopes, zebras, rhinos, lemurs, ostriches and flamingos - wonder how to reveal the secret of the tree. The decoration, done in watercolor and colored pencils, has a slightly veiled, faded effect, which gives it an antique character, like a tapestry from other times. Living room, hallway, children's room or playroom, this made-to-measure panoramic wallpaper will bring the arid warmth of Africa into any room. The Tree of Secrets is a traditional African tale revisited and published in 2012 by Tanzanian author-illustrator John Kilaka. As drought and famine strike the savannah, a single tree continues to bear fruit. But these stick to the tree when the animals try to pick them up. The rabbit has the idea of ​​going to see the turtle to ask for his help. Deemed too small to carry out its mission, it is the lion and the buffalo who go to seek advice from the wise tortoise, who in fact passes on the secret to them: the tree must be called by its name, which it also confides. But on their way back, the lion and the buffalo forget the name of the tree. The animals will then go to see the turtle one by one, in order of size, up to the bunny, who will come back with the name of the tree. Custom panel. The price refers to the 350x300 composition