Wallpaper Once upon a time - Funny Bunny - Casadeco

Wallpaper Once upon a time - Funny Bunny - Casadeco

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Three worlds to discover in a single bedroom: this is the ( little ) odyssey that the CASADECO teams have created for us. Like in a beautiful storybook, the three stories unfold into a panoramic landscape where you can let your eyes drift. Are you sitting comfortably? Choose the place where the story takes place: • The forest and its wildlife playing hide and seek in the foliage? • The garden and the mischievous animals? • The farm and the touching farmyard? And now, off we go!


Prenotazione disponibile - 2-3 settimane

Soft and cuddly rabbits. Admire these four (large) rabbits captivated by a butterfly, washing their paws or showing off their tails: they give the illusion of having been drawn freehand with a line of crayon, as if they were taken from real life. More discreet but just as cute, the rabbits in the coordinated fabric will recreate their antics on the curtains or pillows.

Dimension: 53 cm x 10,05 mt - match 1/2

Material: non woven paper