Wallpaper Sinopia - La Chaux - Casamance

Wallpaper Sinopia - La Chaux - Casamance

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CASAMANCE is a French editor of fabric and wallcoverings. The brand revitalises contemporary furnishings, inventing the classics of tomorrow and creating timeless designs to enhance interiors in style.


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If Sinopia was originally a pigment used to sketch a work of art, today the word means a sketch made before the colours are added.

Developed and painted freehand by our design studio, Sinopia is available in five colours.

The design represents a collection of stripes whose irregularities harmonise beautifully with the grain of the paper.

Dimension: roll of 10.05mt x 70 cm; free match

Norme COV: A+

ASTME84: Class A

European fire-rating: B s2 d0