Wallpaper Magic Forest - Rose Garden - Borastapeter

Wallpaper Magic Forest - Rose Garden - Borastapeter

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Designed by the Swedish lifestyle brand Newbie and expertly crafted by Boråstapeter, this wonderful and unique wallpaper collection has been developed for children's and teen's rooms. The Newbie collection is designed to create the most magical of worlds where young minds can be inspired and find calm. Discover enchanted woodland forests, pirate-infested lagoons and rose-filled summer gardens through 32 stunning wallpaper designs. Dreamy illustrations and a luxurious atmosphere add warmth and coziness to the rooms. Check out the Newbie collection and find the perfect backdrop for your child's bedroom, nursery or play area.


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Romantic and cute, the Rose Garden wallpaper helps create a beautifully sweet space for children of all ages.

Decorated with recurring floral motifs, its imagery is dreamy and soothing. Expertly designed by Newbie Design Studio, Rose Garden comes in two stunning color settings.

Size: 1005x53cm

Repetition: 64cm

Wallpaper fabric /non-woven means you can apply glue directly to the wall.

The raw wood we use for our paper comes from sustainably managed forests.

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