Wall panel Happy Dreams - Jungle - Casadeco

Wall panel Happy Dreams - Jungle - Casadeco

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What if the magic of the jungle was scaled up to giant size, covering a whole section of wall?! On this panoramic wallpaper for children, the monkeys and tigers would play there happily with the elephants, the multi-coloured parrots flying amongst the lianas and other amazing plants : there are so many incredible stories to invent in the heart of the jungle !

  • Dimension: 53 cm x 10,05 mt - match: 53 cm

  • Material: non woven paper

Prenotazione disponibile - 2-3 settimane

Poetry, tenderness and imagination... an extraordinary and colorful journey to discover the many beautiful stories about soft polar bears, crocodiles cute, elegant pink flamingos, whales and bunnies pretty sweet tooth. A wallpaper which can be used alone or, for example, in conjunction with the edge of the same series. Washable, removable without damage to the wall

  • Dimension: L(4x50) cm x H. 2,80 mt

  • Materiale: non-woven fabric