Mural wallpaper Hua Trees - Sian Zeng

Mural wallpaper Hua Trees - Sian Zeng

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 Painted with Chinese inks, this paper reflects exactly the mix between the Chinese and European culture that Sian inherits from its origins. The different shades of color give depth to the panel that offers a delicate pattern but also very detailed.

The paper is a panel consisting of three stripes (each 70 cm) to be attached; the height, maximum 3 mt, can be adapted to the lower walls by cutting part of the strips in the upper part that remains without drawing. Printed area maximum height is 190cm.

To increase the width of the panel, buy a second roll to be used as indicated in the design immagini.

This wallpaper is very delicate design can be a 'good solution for the children's room ever since I was very young.