Wallpaper Whimsical - Secret Garden - Cole&Son

Wallpaper Whimsical - Secret Garden - Cole&Son

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Designed in conjunction with the design of the wallpaper Nautilus, Secret Garden has an interesting graphic than the traditional pattern of foliage.

Sea shells and land snails are part forming a green underwater jungle. Two different shades available.

The Whimsical collection offers a nostalgic and enchanting selection of wallpapers from the magic suddenly, inspired by classic tales and fables of yore.

Fifteen exciting and unusual designs, which enhance natural and surreal subjects together.

A small compendium of real fragments of life lived, who joins moments loads of charm, borrowed from children's plays and fairy tales related to our childhood fascination by now disappeared.

Dimensions: 10 x 52 cm Repeat: 64 cm

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