Wallpaper panel  La biche aux bois - Les Dominotiers

Wallpaper panel La biche aux bois - Les Dominotiers

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A staple in the world of French wallpapers, Les Dominotiers, founded by Frank Halard, has been editing wallpapers and custom-made wall murals collections since 2014.

Through its collections, Les Dominotiers brings modernity, refinement and fantasy to wall murals.

This new dynamic and up-to-date vision of the world of wallpaper has been embodied by interior designer Zoé Crait, a graduate of the Parisian Boulle and Camondo schools. Zoé Crait is head of the Les Dominotiers Design studio.

Les Dominotiers thus offers a catalog of nearly 200 bespoke panoramic wall murals and one collection of refined wallpapers designed by Shauna Dennison.

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The black and white bespoke panoramic wallpaper La Biche aux bois invites us into an entirely graphic ink hand-drawn winter forest by Francesco Battista. Among the leafy trees and graphic trunks, a path tells us the story of Desirée, a young girl struck by a spell at her baptism and turned into a white hind on the road leading to her prince. On the side of the trail, the hind is there, patiently waiting for us to enter her world… The tale La biche aux bois is a variation of Beauty and the Beast, written in 1698 by Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy, a contemporary of Charles Perrault, very popular during her lifetime. Struck by a spell that forbids her to show herself in the light of day until she is 15 years old, Désirée nevertheless goes to meet her prince. When the curtains of the carriage open, she turns into a hind and flees into the forest. The prince decides to live in the forest. He wounds the hind he has been hunting for several days, but remorseful, he treats her. The bond that unites the young man to the animal breaks the spell, Desiree and her prince find each other and marry.Custom panel. The price refers to the 350x300 composition