Water-based Chalky look spray - THE GREEN QUEEN - Fleur Paint

Water-based Chalky look spray - THE GREEN QUEEN - Fleur Paint

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Rich and intense green inspired by the most authentic Victorian style. A touch of British royalty that goes well today with modern and industrial design furnishings.

What is it?

It is a water-based spray with an extraordinarily opaque finish, the vivacity of the colors and the versatility of use make it a unique product of its kind. It is ideal for giving a new look to small objects, furniture, tables and chairs, outdoor use is recommended. It is the perfect choice for those looking for ease of use and a quick solution.


HIGH RESISTANCE - THE MOST OPAQUE - CHALKY APPEARANCE - Extremely opaque - SUITABLE FOR INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL - Extremely flexible color - EXCELLENT COVERAGE - NO DROP - QUICK APPLICATION - On all surfaces - EXCELLENT ADHESION - Does not require primer on most part of the surfaces.


About 2 square meters. Yield per coat tested on non-absorbent or adequately prepared surfaces.

300 ml can. Available in other formats, ask for information at info@lecivettesulcomo.com

Drying : 15 minutes


One of the characteristics of the spray is the excellent adhesion to the surface, the primer is optional. On NON absorbent surfaces such as metal, plastic or painted materials apply a coat of Universal Spray Primer. On absorbent surfaces such as raw wood or paper, apply a coat of Primer Legno Spray. On rusty surfaces, remove any crumbling parts with an iron brush, clean well and apply a coat of Antiruggine Spray Primer.


On everyday objects such as chairs, tables and furniture apply a coat of transparent finishing spray paint (available in the Glossy, Satin or Matt version). Outside, we recommend the ANTI-UV Satin Polyurethane Varnish.

Suitable for

Painting medium-sized objects such as chairs, bicycles, tables, furniture.

What you will love

The extreme ease of use and its matt and chalky appearance. Coloring with sprays is a lot of fun, in a few minutes you can transform any object with color. Water-based, odorless