Bag of kisses: little bird - Stelline a pois

Bag of kisses: little bird - Stelline a pois

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Simple games, the ones played with the elements that surround us, are the most fun for children and let them discover that wonder is truly hidden everywhere.

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The bag of kisses is a sweet creation to help little ones when they are away from their parents.

Very useful for kindergarten or for holidays with grandparents, the bag of kisses materializes the tenderness of the parents and helps the little ones to recognize the days that are missing until their return.

The birth of a little brother, a distant holiday, a period in the hospital: the bag of kisses can be of help on many occasions by recreating the magic of a goodnight kiss from a distance.

Each kiss is filled with organic cotton.

As far as the padding is concerned, we choose to use only first carding organic cotton padding in thin layers which guarantees greater breathability and softness. The cotton fiber is not electrostatic, does not irritate the skin and does not produce allergies.

Composition: cotton, synthetic padding

Warnings: Machine wash 30 degrees, spin on a delicate cycle, do not bleach, do not wash by hand, tumble dry.