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Londji was born in Barcelona in 2004, which brings together the world of art, games and toys. Their products use the best materials, taking into account the respect for the environment.

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We created a machine to help us memorize multiplication tables. Do you have the courage to try it?

There are five cardboard gear cuts, labeled with numbers one through five.

The object of the game is to move the chips from the lowest gear (I don't know the answer) to the highest gear (I know the answer).

Through this game you can learn the multiplication tables. Every day the player will try to solve the chips of each section (the first day will be for the first gear only).

Once completed, chips can level up into the next gear.

If the player doesn't understand well, he can check the answer on the back of the card, try to memorize it and put it back in the first group (gear one). So, when the checker has reached the fifth gear, it means that for five consecutive days the player has solved the multiplication correctly. This is a consolidating learning game.

The pack includes illustrated gears, chips and time tables from one to twelve. An educational game to help us memorize the multiplication tables from one to twelve.

An educational resource to master tables like a mathematician!

Illustration Queralt Armengol

Age From 6 years Material FSC paper and recycled cardboard

Packaging Sturdy cardboard box

Number of players 1