Handling game - Minicombi - Djeco

Handling game - Minicombi - Djeco

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A first wooden camper to play from 18 months.

When he opens the roof, the child discovers the interior of the beautifully illustrated truck in which the Bear family travels (dad, mom and 2 children) .

He plays with the stickers and has fun making up stories.

When he's done playing, put the bears back in the vehicle.

Thanks to sturdy rubber bands, the roof also becomes an awning.

Thick pieces, easy to grip.

The figures are stored in the vehicle.

The whole bear family can gather under the big top around the table.

Holes to wedge the characters inside the vehicle.

Manufactured in FSC® certified wood.

Recommended age: +18 months

Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 16 cm