Puzzle 100 pieces The steadfast tin soldier - Vissevasse

Puzzle 100 pieces The steadfast tin soldier - Vissevasse

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Hans Christian Andersen’s wonderful imagination created iconic stories that are known all over the world. A one-legged tin soldier is unable to take his eyes off the beautiful paper ballerina – as she dances, one leg is lifted so high behind her that she seems to have only one leg, just like the tin soldier. As fate willed it, the tin soldier has to undertake a perilous journey down the gutter in a boat made out of a newspaper. He stands steadfastly on his one leg throughout the ordeal and eventually ends up back in the very room he came from! The dancer’s beauty almost makes him shed a tin tear, and he ends his life in the stove where the heat of the flames make him melt – or was it his love for the dancer that melted him? There, that’s a true story!

The jigsaw puzzle has 100 pieces and is suitable for young school-age children.

NB! The puzzle contains small pieces and should be kept out of reach for children under three years of age

Box dimensions: 26 x 19 x 5,5 cm. Puzzle dimension: 30 x 42 cm

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