Kite in waterproof fabric - Moulin Roty

Kite in waterproof fabric - Moulin Roty

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Scopri la collezione Aujourd'hui c'est mercredi di Moulin Roty - Giocare tutto il pomeriggio… è mercoledì, tutto è possibile!

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p> Driiing, it's the break! As soon as they are enrolled in school, kids need some time away from everything, just to have fun. Inspired by the games of the 1950s. quilone Classico - will make children a lot of fun!

A perfect game for playing outdoors - on vacation on the beach and in the green spaces of the city!

With a long tail full of colorful bows that will dance in the air. The kite game develops concentration, strength and patience.

Measure 59 x 50. Max line 100 meters.

From 3 years old.