Puppet world M, Mrs. Elephant circus - Trixie

Puppet world M, Mrs. Elephant circus - Trixie

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Trixie Baby is a company that is inspired by the infinite imagination of the child: from the newborn to the adolescent, children have an immense imagination, which they use to discover the world around them.

The goal is to create products that can take flight to the imagination of the child. 

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The circus is in town! Ms. Elephant is here to teach you all of her great circus tricks. Organize a great show and invite all your friends to see your performance. Applause and standing ovations guaranteed! Zip up and take this world of imagination wherever you go. This fun range of animal puppets and their cute accessories stimulate children's interest and creativity. Each little setting encourages them to use their imaginations and play creatively. Together with these figurines, children discover all the joys of indefinite play! In addition, children develop many valuable skills while playing with these puppets. By creating their own stories, children learn to look at situations from different perspectives. Playing with these fun friends helps them expand their vocabulary and improve their social skills.

Age class: 0+

Size: ⌀ 30cm

Material: 100% organic cotton - PES padding