Space-saving bed with second bed - Lifetime

Space-saving bed with second bed - Lifetime

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LIFETIME has always had the goal of looking at everything through the eyes of children for more than 40 years. A lot has changed over the years. The kids now have their own room, the rooms are bigger, and a lot of trends have come and gone.

But one thing has remained the same, their philosophy: "Children need to play, explore and have fun".

Following this motto, he has created a distinct and imaginary world that allows children to travel with their mind and imagination. Proud of manufacturing that combines with Danish quality for child safety.


Sometimes you just need a room for everything. THE PERFECT BED for play, tidying up, sleepovers and moments of relaxation. Second bed and bookshelf included.

Dimensions: h 83 cm x 207 cm x 102 cm

Bookcase shelf dimensions: h19x 199 x 25 cm

Chest of drawers size: h22,50x 199 x 94 cm

Mattress dimensions (not included): 90 cm x 200 cm

Chest of drawers mattress dimensions (not included): 90 cm x 190 cm

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