Coconut mat h 8 cm - Noble Goose

Coconut mat h 8 cm - Noble Goose

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A team of experienced specialists who have several years of experience in the production of raw materials for mattresses, as well as the mattresses themselves. Thanks to this knowledge, the products offered are of the highest quality and are made with raw materials from leading suppliers with all the necessary certificates. For the production of their mattresses, they use only the highest quality raw materials that have the necessary certificates.

Each mattress is checked for quality and the parameters to be respected in the production process. There is no room for compromise at any stage of production or order processing.


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The advantage of polyurethane foams is the high permeability to air and water vapour.

Thanks to this, the sweat produced by the body at the time of sleep can freely penetrate the mattress and be expelled from the bottom of the bed.

As a result, moisture does not accumulate inside it, which in turn has a key impact on reducing the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

Coconut is a natural raw material with anti-allergic properties and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.

The components used in the production of the mattress have the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate, which confirms that they do not contain harmful substances in its composition and are intended for contact with the human body.

The highest quality foam with a hardness of T25 - 14 cm thick

Real T25 foam was used for the production of the mattress, thanks to which the core of the mattress is sufficiently hard and elastic, in order to provide adequate support for the spine. During sleep, both on the side and on the back, the correct positioning of the spine is ensured and a natural and straight position is maintained. Foam mattresses that are too soft can have a negative effect on the position of the spine.

Coconut Mat: A natural coconut mat with a weight of 1200 g/m2 is used in the mattress. The main task of the coconut mat is to change the hardness characteristics of the mattress on the side on which it is applied. It is a natural raw material with anti-allergic properties. It prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, affects the firmness of the mattress and prolongs its life.

Protective fleece: Its job is to create a sliding surface between the cover and the coconut mat. Allows the cover to be removed and replaced after washing.

Quilted lining: The lining was made of three layers of knitted fabrics with a weight of 300 g/m2, each of which is suitable for contact with a baby's delicate skin. The outer layer is velvety and very delicate to the touch, and at the same time it is tear resistant. The central and spatial layer gives the coverage adequate softness and volume, and the inner one protects the delicate central part during use, removal or washing.

An extremely important feature is that the lining is quilted with means of ultrasonic technology. It consists in the fact that its individual layers are not sewn together with threads, but thermally joined by means of a device called a sonotrode. This is particularly important when the mattress will be used by children.

The cover has a zipper sewn on three sides, so it can be easily removed from the mattress and washed.

Mattress height 8 cm