Wood Mattress for co-sleeper - Oliver Furniture

Wood Mattress for co-sleeper - Oliver Furniture

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Oliver Furniture creates wooden furniture for the modern family that is constantly evolving.

The company made sure that just a few small changes were needed to make a single bed into a bunk bed, or that it could be converted into a simple, modern sofa. The products are tested to last for several generations. The style is based on a simple, handcrafted and high quality aesthetic, based on an unmistakable Nordic design.

The products in the Wood line use mattresses with rounded corners, while the Seaside line uses mattresses with more standard shapes.

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Oliver Furniture mattresses are designed for excellent breathability, optimal comfort and long life.

Core: The core of the mattress is made of Oeko-Tex certified European HR cold foam, very comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic, it easily recovers its shape after use and has a high load capacity. Volumetric weight 28.5-33 kg / m3.

Cover: The lining is made of GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified herringbone cotton, quilted with a layer of Oeko-Tex certified recycled PET.

Safety standards: The mattresses are tested according to the safety standard EN 16890 and comply with the fire standards EN 71-2 and BS 7177.

Data sheet

Height: 5 cm

Width: 42 cm

Length: 82 cm

Material: Eco-Tex certified cold foam, wool lining.

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