Evolutionary book shelf - Liblola - Ettomio

Evolutionary book shelf - Liblola - Ettomio

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A front Montessori bookcase, but also a shelf, a comfortable space to store the school backpack, a piece of furniture to organize books, games, containers and... which even transforms into a magnificent holder for jackets and shoes for an "entrance" dedicated to the little ones.

Like all 'ettomio products, it is designed to last over time, forever, following the different needs of our little ones. The mechanism for changing the shelves is very simple and each shelf can be "adjusted" in 3 different positions, independently and freely. Vertically: like a classic Montessori front bookcase Rotated horizontally clockwise: it becomes a spacious and comfortable shelf Rotated horizontally counterclockwise: it is a perfect shelf-drawer for keeping everything in order!

Each single shelf is also removable to leave more space (for example to put the backpack) and the same shelf can be hung on the wall becoming a very beautiful and original front shelf.

Liblola is a truly magical piece of furniture.

Dimensions: width 50 cm x depth 28 cm x h 78 cm

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