Kitchen tower - Duck Woodworks

Kitchen tower - Duck Woodworks

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Duck Woodworks was born 7 years ago from the inventiveness of Duck and Miracle and from a small laboratory. In recent years they have grown to have a factory in Cesis, Latvia.

Assisted by a team of professionals who love wood and workmanship, they produce items inspired by the Montessori method: kitchen tower, triangle of climbing, balance board, Cube chair and many others.

The products are in birch painted with colors that meet the requirements of the European toy safety standard EN 71-3


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We may not want our kids to grow up and become independent but this will happen regardless. What we can do is help our little once by giving them the right tools to develop their faith, independence, scope and expand their boundaries.

Learning Tower will help to transform simple cocking into unforgettable experience for both you and your little helper while keeping the kid in a safe distance away from the sharp items.

Beware, that from now on, you might not need to wash your plates anymore as your kid can easily do it himself by moving Learning Tower around the kitchen the way he/she wants. Truly this is the best deal you can get: playing station, courage stretcher, learning tower and pssst - part time dishwasher function comes as a bonus completely free (*training might be needed).

On the serious note - this product is a great help for any kid out there. It will help to wash hands, to brush teeth, to help mommy with cooking or access that top shelf where the biscuits are hidden. The minimalistic design is a great fit for any style of interior.

Dimensions: Height – 90cm ; Width – 40cm; Depth - 42cm ; First step height: 23cm; Platform height: 38cm

Material: birch plywood. Child friendly finish. Lacquer fulfill the requirements of the European Toy safety standard EN 71-3

Kitchen tower is shipped de-assembled. Instruction is provided with learning tower and it is very easy to assemble

As with all children's products, adult supervision is required

The colors in the images may differ in real life.