Balance board Wobbel Original - felter

Balance board Wobbel Original - felter

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What is Wobbel Original, the wooden board that makes young and old move? A balance board, a swing, an armchair, an exercise machine, a puppet or the back of an elephant? All these things and many more! Wobbel is an innovative wooden balance board with an intriguing curved shape that makes it suitable for children, adults and even the elderly! It has a magnetic charm on children, who with the Wobbel table can spend endless hours of fun always inventing new games, but also rest and create a corner of their own: Wobbel can be used by children as a game, an armchair for sleeping or reading, a step to get to the sink and wash your hands yourself ... the possibilities are endless and children with their instinctive creativity love to always discover new ways to use Wobbel! Adults can use the board to stretch their backs, do fitness or yoga exercises and to have fun with their children. Made of quality materials with elegant water-based finishes and enamels, it is a product with a modern design; in addition to the basic version, this model has a natural colored felt cover that muffles noises, protects floors, limits table wear and adds a touch of joy! Wobbel is so cool you don't need to put it away when the game is over!


Stimulates to move and play at home Promotes motor development and balance in a fun way and stimulates children's creativity A beautiful product that does not look bad in any room Resistant and durable, it grows with your baby and can also be kept for children babies to be born Allows you to play with your baby and stay fit Designed for indoor use, can also be used outdoors with some precautions Sustainable product, good for people and the environment: made of FSC-certified wood from sustainable forests in a highly efficient plant, with the minimum waste of resources and materials. For example, wood residues are used to heat the premises of the plant

Age: 0 to 100

Dimensions: 90 x 30 cm

Weight: 4.5 kg

Supported load: up to 200 Kg

Materials: Sustainable Beech Wood (FSC) which is pressed and finished with water-based enamels and lacquers, felt. The FSC wood used for the Wobbel board comes from forests within 300 km of the factory. Child-friendly finishes

Model with felt: for normal floors. Prevents slipping.

Care: clean with a damp cloth. Use a cleaner if necessary. Wipe with a dry cloth.

Certifications: CE certificate for the safety of toys for children aged 0 and over. Tested and certified ASTM F963-16 and AS / NZS 8124-1: 2016 | AS / NZS 8124-2: 2016 | AS / NZS 8124-3: 2012 + A1: 2016.

Safety: Using Wobbel on a flat surface: Using it on an inclined surface could cause it to tip over and lead to injury. Do not stand or sit on the sides.

Designed for indoor use. Outdoor use is possible, but this can cause faster wear