Silicone Shoe Laces - vanille - Gorilla

Silicone Shoe Laces - vanille - Gorilla

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Who hasn't already had problems with shoelaces?

They come undone, they're too tight, they break... You waste time doing them, undoing them, or even stop doing them out of boredom and ruin your sneakers!

Not to mention your children, whether small or large, shoelaces remain a real topic.

The Lyonnais couple, Hélène and Guillaume, undertook the crazy adventure in 2020 of producing a new concept of laces that offers an answer to all the problems of everyday life

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These silicone laces are elastic and adapt to the shape of your feet for absolute comfort.

They can be cut and adjusted to the desired length. Put your shoes on and off as much as you want without re-tying the laces.

Possibility to put invisible hooks inside the sneaker or to create rings that don't move!

These laces are identical in size (7 mm wide) to the traditional ones.

Easy to install and reuse on other shoes.