Shoe rack cabinet Micussori - Micuna

Shoe rack cabinet Micussori - Micuna

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Micuna's Micussori Collection is a family of furniture based on the Montessori educational model, which seeks to develop independence and freedom in the child, respecting the child's natural psychology and physical and social development. This product line is made up of learning towers, organizing stands, Montessori beds and other accessories related to this methodology. The Micussori collection was designed and manufactured with a product in proportion to the child and his real needs. The functionality of the Micussori product must guarantee cleanliness and order, and must be a product that facilitates and encourages the movement, autonomy and activity of the child.

A place made to measure for the little ones, where they can put all their things in order: clothes, shoes, boots, toys or books. Thanks to the Little Things cabinet-shoe rack, children will be able to learn organization and order, experience their autonomy and work on their decision-making power, since they can easily find and reach everything they need. Choosing how to dress, what shoes to use and learn to collect and take care of their things are many of the attitudes that you want to encourage with this philosophy.

Includes wall anchoring kit.

Central shelf adjustable to two heights and two different inclinations.

Dimensions: 50 x 38 x h105.5 cm

Materials: pine wood, lacquered MDF.