Bunk bed Flat - Lagrama

Bunk bed Flat - Lagrama

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An essential and light bunk bed. Its compact and functional structure makes it perfect in any room. The shelves built into the bed can be used both as a bedside table in the upper bed or as a space for books, games or small objects.

The low bed has a headboard.

Kubox drawers of different heights and a bookcase with side desk can be added to the Flat bed (not included in the price).

The staircase is incorporated into the structure.

  • Dimensions: 200x117xh162 cm, distance between the two platforms 119 cm
  • Mattress dimensions (not included): 90 x 190 x 18 cm

Material: Made with plank formed by small particles of recycled wood, compacted with high temperature resins and with a 3X3 cm metal structure.

It is possible to customize the colors among those available in the color chart (see image) and the handles of the drawers by writing to info@lecivettesulcomo.com

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