Waterproof mattress protector - Noble Goose

Waterproof mattress protector - Noble Goose

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Why natural padding? Scientists have proven that synthetic bedding is no safer for allergy sufferers than down bedding, even for those who are allergic to this allergen.

This duvet is obtained using a method certified in accordance with the RDS (Responsible Down Standard) which confirms that the duvet manufacturer operates in compliance with the standard governing responsible down production.These regulations are specifically intended to ensure the welfare of farm animals. Unfortunately, practices of this type are not obvious and little observed outside Europe.


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Waterproof protectors are the perfect solution to protect your mattress from getting wet. This is especially important for young children. The protector also prevents stains caused by moisture from human sweat.

The very important function of the protector is also to protect it from the penetration of mites, microorganisms and all types of allergens into its structure. This is particularly important in the case of children and adults suffering from all types of allergies.

The protectors are made of a very thin membrane that is almost imperceptible under the sheet.

It ensures comfort of sleep and rest.

All of our protectors have the corners finished with special elastic bands, which make them easier to put on and prevent them from moving on the mattress. The standard color is white.

Material: 100% polyester - 100%PU membrane