Montessori bunk bed - Duetto Twin - Ettomio

Montessori bunk bed - Duetto Twin - Ettomio

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Ettino is the only evolutionary cot, completely made in Italy, with high quality raw materials; designed by a mother and made with respect for the safety and freedom of our boys and girls.

Complete with wooden slats and ecological cotton roof.

Duetto Twin is a bunk bed in which two single "twin" beds are overlapped (mattress size 190x80).

The base of the lower bed occupies a floor space of 200x90 cm.

The bed is 155 cm high in total.

The fences are 40cm high.

We suggest choosing a mattress no thicker than 22 cm.

The system we have studied is evolutionary and flexible because it allows you to change the bed configuration over time, following the natural evolution of our families.

The lower bed can be raised after by adding the feet or chest of drawers to the base.

The upper bed can be "detached" and made into a separate bed, also with a legs structure or chest of drawers.

Duetto is made entirely in Italy, with high quality raw materials: only solid spruce wood, painted with a water-based solution, perfectly suitable and certified for use, which allows you to give the bed a modern vibe, while maintaining the warm sensation of the wood.

Duetto is safe because it reflects all safety standards and solid because it is made by the experienced hands of Italian craftsmen. The beds also support the weight of us adults who - we know - sometimes have to keep our little ones company during more difficult nights :)

Complete with wooden slats and protective containing fences. Fixed and safe ladder designed to facilitate grip and with wide and comfortable steps.

Like all Ettomio products, Duetto is a sustainable and responsible choice: the bed is made with respect for the environment, in Italy and by artisan companies that are engaged with us to minimize waste; it also represents a definitive choice and allows you not to have to "change bed" after a few years.

Little things to reduce the waste that the fast-furniture economy has led us to produce.

We do it for the future of our kids and for the future of the Planet Earth.

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