Mural wallpaper Oliver Robins - Balloon Bonanza - Sir Edward

Mural wallpaper Oliver Robins - Balloon Bonanza - Sir Edward

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Sir Edward was founded by Claire & Hans-Erik.

Claire is an adventurous traveller & underwater photographer with a creative mind. Hans-Erik is an industrial product designer with a specialization in men’s jewelry, which he designs for several international brands.

They were fascinated by antique wall paintings & murals that can be found in old castles, colonial mansions & canal houses.

The single continuous image offers a life-size luxurious art piece without being too intrusive. The goal of Sir Edward was to bring back this type of room-filling art.

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Oliver Robins is a sweet little boy, and he loves exploring. The Oliver Robins nursery collection is designed to ignite the spirit of adventure in your little one's room, whit soft colors and playful stories.

Customizable measure - price per square meter € 43,00.

Approximate price for a 360x h 270 cm mural

Material: non-woven wallpaper