Wallpaper Voyage Onirique - Canopee - Casadeco

Wallpaper Voyage Onirique - Canopee - Casadeco

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Original and spectacular, the Voyage Onirique collection takes you to somewhere mysterious. Imagined like a dream, it alternates between realistic landscapes and strange lands filled with fantastic animals. Once upon a time…a journey that begins at the bottom of the seas, in the midst of the coral reefs of Récifs. In a flash or a blink of the eye, Atlantis appears with Atlantide. Here, the whales of Pinocchio, turtles and shoals of fish float as if suspended.


Prenotazione disponibile - 2-3 settimane

A discreet tribute to the beautiful engravings in the stories and legends of our childhood.

Dimension: 53 cm x 10,05 mt - rapporto: 53 cm

Material: non woven paper