Wallpaper panel Autour du Monde - Decouvrir - Caselio

Wallpaper panel Autour du Monde - Decouvrir - Caselio

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Around the world in 80 days, do you know it? The AUTOUR DU MONDE collection is aimed at children through a range of mixed wallpapers inspired by a famous adventure novel. Aboard a hot air balloon over the starry sky, we invite you to travel and we explore the two hemispheres in decoration: the North and its small pastel Scandinavian patterns, the South and its colourful tropical patterns. Once again, all the non-woven wallpapers are accessible, easy to install: they adapt to all styles and all interiors (playroom, bedroom, office, etc.). Are you boarding? Come on, let's go on an adventure!

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Immerse yourself in the jungle with this panoramic wallpaper that displays large animal drawings on the walls in an engraving style. It comes in a chic and contemporary monochrome black and white… to show a lot without overdoing it. Coordinate with plain wallpaper. And so that everything is delightfully perfect, Caselio's non-woven wallpapers are ultra-easy to apply and transform into formidable grounds of creative expression.

  • Dimension: 200x h 280 cm
  • Material: 45-60% cellulose / 10-20% polyester / 10-15% pigments / 2.5% latex acrylic binder / 1% d'encre
  • Washable and with good resistance to light