Wallpaper edge Happy Dreams - Vintage cars - Casadeco

Wallpaper edge Happy Dreams - Vintage cars - Casadeco

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Poetry, tenderness and imagination ... an extraordinary and colorful journey to discover the many beautiful stories about soft polar bears, crocodiles cute, elegant pink flamingos, whales and bunnies pretty sweet tooth.


Prenotazione disponibile - 2-3 settimane

Rounded outlines, the shapes of vintage automobiles, colours like boiled sweets…a poetic and graphic traffic jam is delicately drawn on this wallpaper with amazing creativity ! And we can count the small cars like we count sheep to fall asleep… Looking for calmer roads for your kid's room? Chose the design with smaller vehicles, parked next to a road-sign, leaving space for bikes to share the road, a less busy road for us to enjoy. And why not mix the two designs using the tree border

  • Dimension: 16 cm x 5 mt

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