Washi masking shocking orange - MT masking tape

Washi masking shocking orange - MT masking tape

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The 'washi' tape includes a wide range of paper scotch rolls in mt of different colors and patterns; from simple pastel shades to fluorescent shades, polka dots, strong stripes and beautiful designs. Washi tapes are decorative adhesive tapes made from traditional Japanese paper. wa means Japanese and shi means paper, Japanese paper. Washi paper was already famous for its use in the art of origami and today it is used for various uses in and in DIY.

Washi is made using the plant fibers of paper mulberry or other Japanese plants. The washi tapes are simple adhesive tapes that are colored or decorated with patterns and designs to be used in all the ways that your imagination inspires you. A real decorative tape made of paper, the beauty is that it can be easily inserted and detached from any surface.

Size: 7 meters x 1,5 cm