Artistic plastic - ring collection - Djeco

Artistic plastic - ring collection - Djeco

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This kit allows you to create rings using colored and heat-shrinkable plastic! The boys and girls cut out the sheets provided according to the shapes present or use the elements already ready for use. Once placed in the oven, the figures shrink and the plastic becomes stiff and thick. This package offers two possibilities: 3 rings to be created following the models indicated and 2 with pieces that can be changed at will to vary shapes and colours.

Playing with matter by creating 3D volumes starting from simple sheets. 2 sheets are included to cut out according to your own creations. An ingenious mounting system. Magical plastic in 5 different colors, including fluorescent orange! An instruction booklet that explains the different creation phases point by point.

Contents: 2 sheets of colored magic plastic, 46 pre-shaped pieces of magic plastic, 5 adjustable rings, 1 pencil, 1 cardboard structure to assemble, 1 color instruction booklet.

Age: 7-12 years

Package width: 15.5 cm Package height: 18.5 cm Package depth: 3 cm