Creativity game - The Whale & the Fish - Londji

Creativity game - The Whale & the Fish - Londji

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Londji was born in Barcelona in 2004, which brings together the world of art, games and toys. Their products use the best materials, taking into account the respect for the environment.

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Create the most beautiful school of fish in the world!

This game, without rules or instructions, stimulates a child's development through playfulness and spontaneity. We hope to help them explore their creativity without limits.

A game that: -Enhances creativity and imagination. -Stimulates memory and logic. -Helps practise observation skills, concentration and orientation within space.

A game without rules to create, experiment and learn. Create your mandala art and group them according to shape, colour, number or play however you please!

Box dimensions 17,5x17,5x8 cm

Illustration Txell Darné

Raccomanded age + 3 years