Spirals - Djeco

Spirals - Djeco

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A drawing pack to create beautiful colored spirals and complete the tables proposed in the block of 30 pages, grouped into 10 different themes. A classic activity revisited by Djeco thanks to practical tools that allow you to make spirals without the sheet moving! The children place the sheet on the metal plate, then place the frame with the magnet in which they insert the notched wheel on the sheet. Children with stylus pen make circles to easily draw spirals without having to hold the frame still.

A classic revisited by Djeco to make the activity easier: the frames with magnets are fixed on the metal support so the sheet does not move! 1 large poster presents the associated material for each spiral. 10 themes to learn how to draw with spirals. 1 block of 30 pages. 5 gel stylus pens with acid colors. 1 box with elastic closure to store all items once the activity is finished. 1 instruction booklet explaining the activity step by step.

Contents: 1 block of 30 illustrated sheets (21 x 28 cm), 1 metal plate (21 x 28 cm), 2 frames with magnet and 5 plastic wheels, 5 stylus gel pens, 1 instruction booklet for learning to compose your own spirals, 1 book of color examples.
Age: 7-12

Package width: 29.5 cm Package height: 23 cm Package depth: 4 cm