Puzzle 100 pieces The princess and the pea - Vissevasse

Puzzle 100 pieces The princess and the pea - Vissevasse

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Hans Christian Andersen’s wonderful imagination created iconic stories that are known all over the world. ‘The Princess and the Pea’ from 1835 is one of his best-known fairy tales. In the story, a prince is searching for a real princess to marry. Who would have thought that one little pea covered by 20 mattresses and 20 eiderdown feather beds could reveal that the princess is indeed a real princess? Only a real princess could be so delicate. There, that’s a true story.

The jigsaw puzzle has 100 pieces and is suitable for young school-age children.

NB! The puzzle contains small pieces and should be kept out of reach for children under three years of age

Box dimensions: 26 x 19 x 5,5 cm. Puzzle dimension: 30 x 42 cm

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