WIN WIN WINTER strategy game - Londji

WIN WIN WINTER strategy game - Londji

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Londji was born in Barcelona in 2004, which brings together the world of art, games and toys. Their products use the best materials, taking into account the respect for the environment.

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Winter is getting closer every day.

The squirrels are rushing to collect the last of the acorns before the cold knocks the last of the fruit from the trees.

A racing and strategy game for up to 4 players, the squirrel who manages to get the most acorns to his lair is the winner!

A game that trains simple math, trains spatial awareness, to define strategies to achieve your goals and help you manage your emotions.

Can Seixanta illustration

Age From 7

Material FSC paper and recycled cardboard

Packaging Sturdy cardboard box

Number of players 2-4

Duration of the game 20 mn.

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Material: Recycled cardboard and paper

TAG: board games

TAG: role-playing game and costume